Business showcase

Tower district businesses are using the internet

On Friday August 8, 2014 the Internet Association came to Fresno’s Tower District to showcase how small businesses are using the internet to their advantage.

Many locals came out to see how businesses are using web technologies. Other entrepreneurs came to learn how to improve their own business. “It’s all about keeping up with the times” says Brett. “before you needed to spend so much money on radio and television ads, but just a few bucks a day can send you quality leads from Facebook and it’s amazing”.

So here is a quick “how to get found” guide for those that didn’t make the business crawl today.

If your company isn’t on the internet at all, you have to change that quickly.

Start off by purchasing your domain and registering with google. Enter your information such as business location and hours.

Next is to get on Facebook and create your business page.

Put up your basic contact info and start placing images on your page. Interact with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Run some ads to get some likes. These customers will turn into your consumers and will be the first to know about any promotions your running.

Time to get some customers to walk through the door.fresno clovis business

So pay Facebook to run ads everyday targeting the type of people that would like your products or services. Literally 5 bucks a day is all you need, but if you want you can set your limit higher.

Now that you have your Facebook running its time to set up a basic webpage.

Since you have your domain just add some cheap hosting. Show off all of your products in a gallery and make sure to include your contact information again.

This will get you up and running, but it’s up to you to look into other social networks such as twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

These are the bare essentials for doing business in this day and age. All mom and pop shops should have a basic site and Facebook page.

Please join us again for another Fresno business crawl. You can also obtain more information by following the internet association’s twitter feed.